Sitting here in the office with my small chihuahua sitting next to me on another chair. He looks so comfortable! Snuggled up onto a very comfortable blanket that he stole from me. I just wish that we could trade places. Can you imagine being him? Having everything bought for you, not having to worry about anything, being taken everywhere, and having everyone look at you like you are so adorable and amazing.
The great thing about my chihuahua is that he can go everywhere with me. Even into casinos when I want to go gambling, grab a bite to eat, go bowling, or see movie. Yes, all of those things are inside casinos. Many people don’t realize that casinos have all of those things and not just gambling machines, gambling tables, and women. Casinos actually have the really good food. Well, it’s either really good or really bad and expensive.
Overtime I go into a casino with my chihuahua, everyone always loves him and wants to pat him. When I first rescued him I loved the attention but now it takes me forever to get anywhere. Especially when I go into a casino because there are always so many people in there because that’s where everything is. During all times of the day there are people. In the morning until midday there are a lot of old people just trying to waste time and then families start coming in to go bowling, eating, or to the movies. At night is when the adults come in because after a certain time there are all of these rules and restrictions for people under either 18 or 21 because they have all these laws that they have to follow in order to keep their gambling license.
It’s amazing how so many people are taught when they are longer to not gamble because it wastes all of your money, yet so many adults still do it. They gamble and gamble and gamble until they finally win but what they don’t realize is that they probably lost more money gambling for all those hours until they won that small amount of money. People just love to win and will do whatever they can to do so.
Gambling is a good business though, for the casinos. I can’t believe that some people make their money off of gambling. My fathers friends gambles so much money and wins so much and I don’t know how he does it. I’m always to scared to gamble because first I don’t really know how to gamble so I’m more likely lose, and I feel like I would just waste my money away because of it. But it works well for people who what they are doing and how to gamble.