Gambling Design Comparisons

We’ve focused mainly on the online slots and online casinos, but most experienced online gamers know that there are more kinds of online gambling. Let’s examine some design similarities and differences between them.

Online Poker Rooms — often consciously distancing themselves from the online casino USA look, online poker rooms tend to be fairly trendy. Expect a lot of ‘extreme VIP’ imagery, from fashionably hip types in sunglasses to stylized gambler stereotypes.

One site that deviates from the usual design, and creates a unique and effective look for itself, is Cake Poker — with an almost surreal and minimalist style reminiscent of a David Lynch mise-en-scène (mainly due to the mascot, an anthropomorphic cake — holding, somewhat disturbingly, a fork and a glass of milk).

Online Bingo Halls — the diametric opposite of poker rooms, it’s difficult to resist characterizing these websites as feminine. Bright, colorful, cheerful and stylized are all words that come to mind (cartoonish, almost childish at worst). Though they deviate individually from each other, there is an unmistakable similarity of approach to all the online bingo halls that I’ve seen…though Foxy Bingo seems to be doing the best of any to establish an instantly-recognizable brand identity.

Online Sportsbooks — at the other end of the pendulum (again), it’s the unmistakable smell of manliness for the sports bettors. Within an understandably focused range, online sportsbooks nevertheless prove a relatively diverse bunch; many are admirably Spartan (pages full of neat boxes with lines and odds and little else), some are over the top with babes (some, like BetUS, publish their own swimsuit calendar), while others are All About Sports (though many do now offer online slots and other gambling games).

For a reliable and predictable choice, BoDog never fails to deliver sports and babes in abundance, with all of the style and branding that you’d expect from the name — but also delivers a surprisingly straightforward and user-friendly sportsbetting experience as long as you’re not TOO easily distracted…

Continuing our series on innovative online gambling website designs, we have gathered a number of online casino sites that distinguish themselves — by offering something a bit different, or by presenting a design of noticeably higher quality than the majority of online casinos.

Cherry Red Casino is one of the latter, showing everybody else how it’s done without any risk of unfamiliarity among new or experienced online gamers. Slick and solid design fundamentals are backed up by frankly gorgeous visuals, including some of the only full-motion video clips that I’ve seem which add style…rather than strike me as a gimmick. Oh, and it’s an online casino USA players can play at!

Lock Casino‘s inscrutable name aside, this new online casino is simply one of the best-looking gambling websites that I’ve seen in a long time. The subtle 3D details (from buttons to gradients to delicate shading work) add depth and sophistication to the utterly black basic appearance. So modern and effortlessly slick, Lock Casino almost instantly made 99% of the other online casinos look like they belonged on a 386 running Windows 3.1 (for non-nerds, that means
a long long time ago).

Speaking of retro, Pantasia Casino manages to make itself seem both modern and also belonging to another bygone age. With little more than some tastefully-selected fonts and borders (and an interesting graphical element here and there), Pantasia evokes Art Deco and Art Nouveau without overtly referencing any of those genres. And they offer those wonderful iSlots that we discussed on the online slots page…

In another category entirely, Slots-n-Games provides a cheerful modern look full of colorful, friendly, easily-parsed boxes. Playing at SlotsNGames is very much like leafing through a 21st Century online catalog of games and instantly being able to play whatever strikes your fancy. Luckily, the games themselves are also frequently delightful, including such genre-busters as Bejeweled, Monopoly, Cluedo, and Chain Reactors, among countless others.

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