gambling lv

Living in Las Vegas makes it so easy and convenient to gamble. When walking into a casino I know that I am always going to be able to grab a drink, sit down, and gamble at my own time. Service is always great because they want you to gamble more, and I have to say it works.
One day I went to a casino here in Las Vegas on the strip. I had to of been in there for a couple of hours because every time I went to leave I was distracted by another gambling machine and with a drink in my hand, I had to play it. Unless this moment, I had never really won much when gambling. I always either went with the boys for a good night or by myself for a calm, fun night. This time though, I was able to win and win big! I won $10,000! I was so excited when that machine started making noises and lighting up. It was one of the best days of my life.
Normally I just go to the casinos near my home in the residential area, but this time I was on the strip and I think that’s why I had a better chance of winning the big bucks that I did. People go to Las Vegas to gamble to people have to of used the gambling machines more which I think makes it even better for me because more machines win. Now, whenever I want to gamble and win a lot I will go down to the strip because that’s obviously where all of the big money is coming from.
Have you ever thought of how gambling machines are made? I have no idea but I feel like it would be fun and interesting to watch. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a factory in Las Vegas that makes gambling machines and I feel like I’ve been around most of the city since I have lived here for so long. I feel like the factories are probably on the outside of the city because for the amount of casinos that are in Las Vegas, they have to have a big factory to make all of the machines. I also have hardly ever seen a machine that is “out of order” or “not working at the moment” so that means that they have to either always be making gambling machines or always have extra ones under the casino ready to go. But can you imagine how heavy those would be and how would the staff even have the strength to get the non-working machine out of its spot and move the new one into place? Also, casinos are pretty much over 24/7 so how would they do it without people seeing?
Anyways, gambling is great and the strip is the place to go.