Good Day

One thing is for sure when I woke up this morning I never thought I would be in this situation today, Let me start from the beginning, thinking back there may have been a few signs. I should have probably seen trouble coming at me like a freight train and moved out of the way but I again, I would never have guessed this is the path I was on.

When I got up this morning it seemed like any other day. I took a shower got dressed & sat down for a bite to eat. I was in a hurry as I always am in the mornings, at least during the week. I jumped in the truck and barely made it to work on time. I usually have the chance to stop for coffee on the way but on this particular morning, I was just too late. They have coffee at the office so it’s not like I was going to have to go with out but the coffee at the office can only just barely even be considered coffee. I guess it does in a pinch but I prefer mine to be iced and have enough cream and mocha to drown out the coffee taste.

There were several pin it note stuck to my computer to remind me of certain tasks that needed to be done first thing this morning. Three phone calls later, I was ready for my most important responsibility: searching online for a site that sells fake diamonds. Fake diamonds?? you may ask?? Yup. I am looking for an engagement ring that will not cost me a half year’s salary and I figure the way to go is to look for a ring with fake diamonds. Bingo! I luck out at the first jewelry site, a place called SterlingForever. I like the ring of the name. (That was a pun, in case you missed it.) This site does indeed sell engagement rings with fake diamonds. Actually instead of using the words fake diamonds, a better name would be CZ or cubic zirconia sterling silver rings. Sounds a bit classier than fake diamonds, don’t you think?. Cubic zirconia looks just like REAL DIAMONDS! In fact most folks are not going to know the difference, but your wallet sure does. I spend a quick half an hour and find what I think, is the most gorgeous, beautiful, and captivating ring imaginable. I order the engagement ring with delighted relief, and crumple up the last of the post it note reminders. Now, to settle in for the rest of the morning.

At lunch I was able to head over to my favorite diner for a bite. While I eat lunch I have the chance to play a little online poker. I am pretty good. I don’t spend a lot to support my habit but I don’t usually play for big bucks either. During my first hand I was able to hit a pretty strong 3 of a kind. I knew it was not the strongest hand that I ever played but I bet the pot up pretty significantly because I had the feeling it was the strong hand. It turns out I was right & I took the pot with no problems. That was nice because it gave me a nice bank roll to play with for the day. I continued to play at lunch for another 15 or 20 minutes but I had to get back to work. I ended up winning a bit more money ending my lunch hour up over $1500.00.

I know that does not sound like a lot but for 20 minutes of work it is not too bad. I had a great second half of work & it flew by. I have a pretty interesting job but that is a story for another time. When I get off work I have about 45 minutes of traffic to sit through it is my least favorite part of the day because it stresses me out to deal with bad drivers. After that I like to have a drink.

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