Good Day II

Sometimes I head over to the bar & have a drink with some friends but today I just stopped by the 7 – 11 & grabbed a 3 pack of tall boys. I personally like to drink Budweiser so that is what I grabbed. When I made it home I was able to sit down & enjoy my beer as well as a little more poker online. I already had some money to get me going so I sat down at one of the bigger tables that I do not really play on too often. I don’t make a lot of money so I can’t afford any huge losses when it comes to gambling, they could cripple my whole lifestyle.

When I sat down at the table I lost a couple of small hands but mostly I just folded away my hand waiting for some cards that I felt good about. I am not the kind of player that needs to be in on every hand just to see the flop. I think that is the best way to lose your chip stack for sure. You will just lose a little at a time slowly wasting away waiting for good cards. Once you get the cards you are hoping for you usually don’t have a large enough stack to make a move.

No, you are better waiting for some high percentage cards then making a play on them. Which is just what I did & it took a while but after the dealer chip went around a couple of times I got pocket kings. That is much better than I was waiting for so I played them. I limped in & someone raised the blind a bit. I was happy to call & so was everyone else at the table. The flop came with an ace & a couple of low cards which scared me a bit especially when the same guy who raised the blind bets a nice chunk of change. I almost did not call because I thought he hit his pocket ace but I did & it was not cheap.

One of the other players dropped out while 2 also called. I could not believe we were all still in. That scared me because it meant any of them could have the ace or all of them. I was pretty stressed out & when the last 2 cards came out they did not help me any more than the flop. I had no choice at that point but to call when the pot was raised each time. The thing was up over $7,500.00 & I was hoping for the best when I went all-in making worth well over $10,000.00. Luckily, nobody had anything to beat my pair of kings. I was amazed they would have kept calling but I was glad they did!

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