Online Casino Design

One thing that has always intrigued me about online casinos is the experimental state of the design trends.

Sure, many simply throw up a basic website with some images that vaguely or overtly recall the glory days of Las Vegas or other generic gambling destinations. Many simply put up some stock photos of a bunch of blandly-attractive model types in evening wear, usually with cocktails, pretending to play online casino usa games.

It’s a style that works, it does what it needs to do. However, there is plenty of room for creative or at least innovative designs; among the seemingly unending flood of online casinos, there are a few that stand out.

32Red, for example, provides the intuitive interface that maximizes instant user familiarity, while thoroughly establishing the brand identity. A vivid but surprisingly subtle crimson theme is set off by a signature monkey (perhaps a jab at the fallen Golden Palace?). You won’t forget the look, even if you’re not sure why.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino takes the risk of the medium overpowering the message with its full-motion, high-resolution animation which manages to skirt the borders of copyright infringement in a delightful way. Every main page is decorated with scenes from, well, let’s just say 1001 Arabian Nights. Well worth a visit!

Casino Del Rio makes a definite ecological statement in its very tasteful presentation, backed up by the company’s green activities. You’ll feel refreshed just looking at the website, and again once you find out that the company planted a tree in your name when you signed up.

Slotland may not win any major prizes for state-of-the-art aesthetics, but the almost industrial look of this site has a retro practicality that borders on steampunk. This unmistakable style is even more apparent in the online slots and video poker games, which are (unusually for the online gambling world) all designed and created in-house for a truly unique experience.

Online slots are some of the most creative and fascinating results of the past decade’s online gambling revolution. In a way, online slots mirror the larger shift in online design; from the limitations of power and connectivity, all the way to a nearly unlimited palette that only now are starting to be utilized by talented designers.

In short, some of the online slots are amazing. The visuals are especially worthy of note, but the entire gameplay package often shows an attention to great design. Here are a few examples:

Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword (sorry, currently unavailable at Online Casinos USA)– obviously inspired by the bestselling video game series and films, the online slot Tomb Raider was certainly praised for its graphics. However, the sequel, Secret of the Sword, proved to be truly impressive. Even better graphics, including full-motion animation, as well as an involving ‘map screen’ in which you choose between various worldwide destinations, each with its own unique bonus minigame. Perhaps the first online slot to truly blur the line between online casino games and video games, in more ways than one.

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